Massive Collaboration Changes Everything

I am curious as to what will happen when we start to collaborate with each other, a little bit each day, focused together on doing one thing each day “which the world may talk of hereafter”.  It doesn’t have to be super complicated, either.  The simple decision to focus some time on doing something noteworthy that the world may talk of hereafter would force upon anyone doing this eventfulness, purposefulness, connectedness and a whole lot more nesses you might really like. 

The thing that has always attracted me to this idea is the mindfulness it would potentially provide, a friend-supported, web-enabled hedge against sleeping through one’s life…

A way to begin might be as simple as this, that is asking the question and answering it.  So here goes.  Question: “What is something I can do today the world may talk of hereafter?” Answer: 1) Share today this idea in the spirit of sparking the imaginations of my friends with a vision of changing the world through focused collaboration, 2) invite them to push forward today’s “something”  the best way they can, 3) create a word or symbol that captures a vision of the future if my friends and I asked and answered this question every day and our numbers grew by 10% each month for five years, beginning now.