I support President Biden’s decision to formulate a commission on Supreme Court reform to discuss methods of ensuring the continued legitimacy of our respected judicial branch, both now and for the future.  We must approach the survival of our democracy and the integrity of our judiciary with a steady hand.  

Over the last four years, as Californians and Americans we’ve watched the Federal government display both shortcomings and strengths.  But few things bring as much dread than the nomination process of Supreme Court justices because the process feels broken beyond repair, and a charade of past, honest deliberations.  Both Democrats and Republicans are losing the Supreme Court battle because the institution is no longer widely seen as a fair, non-political institution, a state of affairs which threatens all.  The Republican Party is without question most responsible for this change in the public’s perception. 

Six out of nine sitting Supreme Court justices were put there by Republican presidents who lost the popular vote.  This erodes the fundamental premise of democracy.  The power of special interests has overruled the majority’s voice. We must take well-reasoned and researched action to ensure a balanced representation of Americans, both now and in the future, especially in the highest court in the land.

If elected, as a legislator and representative of the people of California, I will do all in my power in order to ensure that the supreme court and its rulings represent the peoples’ will.  Long-term thinking and incremental changes are required to avoid the overt devaluation of our Supreme Court. This is a challenging issue, and I believe it would be unwise to act without a great deal of forethought in reforming an institution that has generally performed its function admirably.