We need unity, a common purpose, and to treat each other like we’re family. Family members don’t always agree, but for most families, there are boundaries that are never crossed.  We need to rekindle that spirit.

Without a personal and shared commitment to recapture this mindset and spirit, the nation will continue its division into two tribes which see reality differently and each other as the enemy and irredeemable.

There is a window of opportunity, because of the seriousness of the threats we face, to unify.  In fact, most Americans understand that as we approach increasing environmental, political and economic instability, we must come together.  How do we do it?  I think part of it has to do with language and listening.  We have to be careful with what we say— as a rule.  We have to better regulate social media companies and make them legally and financially liable for hate speech and disinformation on their platforms.

The recent whistleblower complaints about Facebook proves that the company is a threat to democracy around the world.  The company is the poster child of an entity that has evaded the Federal Government’s power to regulate it into behaving responsibly.

We need to begin investing now in initiatives that bring Americans together because one of our greatest national security threats is division. In addition to California Corps, I will organize America Together, an arts and education initiative that celebrates ordinary American heroes throughout our history for public schools and community colleges.  The stories will emphasize that notable Americans, poets, peacemakers and unifiers have come from both sides of the political aisle throughout American history. This will help to put an end to the demonization of the other side. This will aid us in remembering our history and our shared stories. Ultimately, it will help heal where we have been divided, using the tactics and platforms that have divided us: repetition, social media, and cable news.